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Textile Rubber Roller

Textile Rubber Roller

We present various types of Textile Rubber Roll.
Detailed Description

These products are made at our manufacturing unit using the finest quality threads that is sourced from reliable vendors of market. Our products are recognized in the market for their superior finish and precise sizes. Due to high demand, these rolls are existing in the market in the varied colors that meet on consumer demands. 

Features Of  Textile Rubber Roll.

  • Long lasting
  • Precise sizes
  • Optimum quality

Durometer Hardness: 
40-80 Shore A

Generally resistant to most chemicals and solvents present in textile applications. Resists the aliphatic solvents, fuels and most oils. Moderate resistance to aromatic solutions. Generally attacked by MEK, acetone, etc. Temperature range to 110C.

Durometer Hardness: 
40-65 Shore A

Good resistance to chemicals and additives used in textile slashing. Excellent resistance to varsol and mineral spirits. 
Fair resistance to toluol and benzol. Not recommended for MEK or ethyl acetate. Effective temperature upto 110C.

Durometer Hardness: 
40-100 Shore A

Good resistance to acids and bases except at very high concentration leveJs. Excellent resistance to aliphatic solvents, kerosene, animal and vegetable oils. Fair resistance to aromatic solvents. Poor resistance to ketones, hydrocarbons and esters. Practical temperature range to 120C.

Durometer Hardness: 
60-85 Shore A

Very good oil, caustic and ozone resistance. Outstanding abrasion resistance and maintains physical properties at elevated temperature. Similar in solvent and chemical resistance as Micromate and Sto-Tex. Effective temperature range 135 C.

Durometer Hardness: 
65-85 Shore A

Normally, resistant to most chemicals, acids, alcohols, caustics and ozone in moderate amounts. Good resistance to aliphatic and some aromatic solvents. Is attacked by ketones, esters and hydrocarbons. Fabroll has high tear and abrasion resistance. Temperature limitations to 110C.


Durometer Hardness: 
88 Shore D

Resistant to most chemicals (acids normally used in carbonizing and finishing have no effect on Microrok). Resistant to animal and vegetable oils, alcohol, glycol, glycerine and limited amounts of aliphatic solvents. Temperature range to 85C.


Durometer Hardness: 
50-95 Shore A

Size Peel is specially designed by Stowe Woodward to offer maximum release of the yarn sheet contributing to reduced hairiness. Size Peel maintains its physical properties at higher temperatures upto 120C.


Durometer Hardness:
40 Shore A to 74 Shore D

Excellent durability and resistance to abrasion, cuts and tears and damage from process chemicals and atmospheric conditions. Available in thicknesses from 1/4" to 2", Blue Max has a temperature range of 60 C wet and 75 C dry.

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